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Castor Guinea S.a.r.l. has been a leading constructon contractor in Guinea since 2006. 

Castor Guinea S.a.r.l. has established a track record of delivering turnkey projects to our clients, on time and in budget.  We have sucsessfully  completed technically changeling projects for some of Guinea's leading companies.  With our experience and track record our clients can rely on Castor to get the job done.


Since the founding of Sodefa (SOciete de DEvelopment de Fer d’Afrique)  in 1996, The demands made by the growth of business in Guinea and the need to be self reliant has developed a diverse range of skills and knowledge in house.

Sodefa is specialised is steel manufacturing and steel wholesale.

In 2002 Foret Forte was founded with an investment of over $25 million, this project was managed in house, from feasibility through to operation.  Again in order to achieve this, the group needed to build further competence, especially in the area of industrial installations.

Foret Forte concentrates on forest management and manufacturing of plywood and timber products.

In order to foster these skills and leverage the capacity built up by the group Castor was founded in 2004. Castor has continued to use these skills to complete a range of projects.

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RN1, Km 41 - BP 1661 Conakry Coyah

Phone: (+224) 664 28 28 10

E-mail: tobiastreitlein@gmail.com Site web: http://www.castorguinee.com/

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  • Adresse:
    RN1, Km 41 - BP 1661 Conakry, Coyah
  • Phone: (+224) 664 28 28 10
  • Site web: http://www.castorguinee.com/
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